Yellowstone River Closure Update, August 26

There is still much we don’t know as we continue to wait for samples taken from the Yellowstone River and its tributaries by Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks. Those samples are being analyzed presently and we expect to hear about the results soon, and as soon as we learn more we will pass that information

Paradise Valley business owner questions new gravel mining proposal


July 4, 2015

By: Jeff Reed

As one of several Park County land owners adjacent to the proposed Gravel Pit and Asphalt Plant, I wanted to briefly express my thoughts and opinion on this issue and future ones that I’m sure Park County will continue to face.

First, some context. I grew up in Billings, MT and lived

Valley Residents Meet to Resist Mining in Paradise

July 5, 2016

By: Ernie Seevers

Emigrant, Montana

On July 5th, Park County citizens met at the Old Saloon in Emigrant. Thirty residents gathered to plan next steps in response to a Riverside Contracting application for an open cut gravel mine and asphalt plant in Paradise Valley. This meeting had been called in order for people of

Star gazing in Yellowstone with Tom Murphy

By Tom Murphy:
Yellowstone is a wonderful place to watch the stars because there is little or no ambient  human light to clutter up the dark sky. Looking south in the middle of the night our Milky Way Galaxy extends from the horizon up into the sky  and across to the north. Our personal

Don’t Take A Wooden Nickel From An Out-of-Town Prospector

Just when you thought there couldn’t be another genuinely bad mining proposal along Montana’s historic tourist corridor to Yellowstone National Park, lo and behold, here’s another: Months after Lucky Minerals initiated the early stages of a massive gold mining operation on the flanks of Emigrant Peak above Chico Hot Springs, now Crevice Mining Group wants to dig for

Hike of the Week: Emigrant Creek

Exploring our Wild Backyard: Emigrant Creek 

We spent last Friday afternoon exploring the lush canyon at the mouth of Emigrant Gulch. Even in the heart of winter, water is everywhere. Water and ice. Somewhere beneath our feet is an unmapped series of fissures and channels where water is super heated by magma that is used by Chico Hot