Emigrant Peak by Bret De Young
Photo by Bret De Young #challengeonnaturephotography
Preserving and enhancing the quality of life in Park County.

Dear PCEC Friends,

As you spend time with loved ones and reflect on all the wonderful moments of the past year, we hope you will take time to think about the importance of clean air, healthy water, and open lands in our wild backyard and support the work of the Park County Environmental Council.

PCEC has been a part of this community for twenty five years because of people like you that contribute to PCEC every year. Thank you.

Please visit our website and make a tax-deductible donation to support our work today.

Your donation to the Park County Environmental Council directly supports work in your community. With your help, we will continue to advocate on behalf of Park County’s wildlife, clean water, and open lands. PCEC will stay two steps ahead of mining companies and other threats to our quality of life. We will inform, organize, and help citizens take action. That’s our promise.

We love Park County. This is our home, where we raise our children, and explore our wild and rugged backyard. It’s a special place, and PCEC is here to protect and enhance it for future generations. Stopping mines, protecting public land access, and building resilient communities are slow processes.

With your help, we will be able to attend the City and County meetings, facilitate discussion between government agencies, and represent the voice of the community — one meeting at a time.

Thank you for your loyal support of our work. It’s people like you that make Park County a special place.


Warmest Wishes for the Holidays,
Michelle Uberuaga Z. and Erica Lighthiser
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Ways to support PCEC
Donate: Contributions to PCEC are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Thanks to the financial support from people in our community, we can quickly respond to immediate threats, like the Yellowstone Gateway Mine. We are small and agile and ready to ramp up our work to rise to any occasion.
Volunteer: As a small grassroots organization we depend on support from people in our community– from IT support to office maintenance. We also want to encourage community members to be our spokespeople when meeting with elected officials. They want to hear from you!
Connect: Help us grow our work by talking to your friends. Encourage your friends and neighbors to support PCEC by donating and becoming a member. Let’s grow our community and our work together.
Support a Project:
You can also support PCEC by funding specific programs and campaigns that you care about the most. Here are projects for this year that need dedicated financial support from you.
$__________ Yellowstone Gateway Mine – PCEC is working to protect Yellowstone’s gateway from industrial mining. Your contribution to PCEC will go towards our efforts to inform, organize and mobilize the community opposition and to gain long-term protections of our public lands from mining development.
$__________ Community Anthology – We are working in partnership with Elk River Books to compile and publish an anthology of local authors and some of the West’s leading environmental voices to create a living document that can stand and speak in opposition to the misguided and shortsighted ideas being proposed by Lucky Minerals and others with potentially similar intentions.
$__________ Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railyard Cleanup – PCEC is seeking funds to hire an MSU intern to help with the research and organization of the BNSF Railyard Superfund Cleanup archive.
$__________  Healthy communities-pedestrian trails program – In promotion of healthy lifestyles and livable communities, we are raising funds to promote and educate about community trails and their benefits. This includes involvement with the Park County Growth Policy and Active Transportation Plans.
$__________ Recycling Program – PCEC is bringing back the popular “E-Waste” or electronic recycling program this spring satellite events in Wilsall and Clyde Park. We are out to raise $2,000 in member/donor matching funds to help us get foundation support for this program.
$__________ Summer — Youth program – We are partnering with Montana Wilderness Association’s wilderness walks and the USFS to develop a youth-focused hiking program (adults welcome too!) to explore critical program areas in Park County. We’ll need your support to get this off the ground!
$__________ Grizzly Bear’s in our Community — PCEC is developing a program to educate Park County about living in a community with Grizzly bears: how do we work together to protect our grizzly neighbors and the wildness that they represent.
Thank you so much for your membership and your involvement! Your generous support goes a long way to ensure a voice for the environment in Park County.