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Park County Environmental Council, Buffalo Field Campaign and Sierra Club partner in hosting Dr. David Mattson’s presentation, The Shared Journey of Wild Bison & Grizzly Bears. Bison and grizzly bears have coexisted for hundreds of thousands of years in a circumpolar arc of habitat spanning over 10,000 miles. As a source of important food, bison for millennia dictated the fate of grizzlies in the Great Plains and adjoining mountain valleys of North America. But this once robust and widespread relationship of bears and bison has been reduced to a small remnant—less than 1% of what we once had—centered on Yellowstone National Park.

Dr. David Mattson will describe this history and future prospects for Yellowstone’s bison and grizzly bears in his talk. David will be joined by his wife, Louisa Wilcox, BFC Advisory Board Member, Justine Sanchez, and BFC Executive Director, Ken Cole in the discussion of this season’s plan for capture, slaughter, & quarantine of wild buffalo and how we can work together to form a collective strategy to protect our Last Wild Bison and National Mammal.

There will be a follow up roundtable discussion on Saturday morning, December 16 at the PCEC office (215 E Lewis St., 3rd Floor, Room 306) for all who are interested and those who cannot make the Friday evening presentation.