PCEC Board Member and renowned entomologist, Jesse Logan, wrote a thoughtful, sober critique on the reality of hunting Yellowstone grizzly bears for sport over at The Bullseye. Jesse is a passionate conservationist, outdoors enthusiast and advocate for the grizzly. He has dedicated his life to working in grizzly country studying the impacts of the pine beetle on whitebark pine, which produces one of the most nutritious foods for the bear, the whitebark pine nut. We value the perspective he brings to this issue, as well as our organization.

We highly recommend you check out The Bullseye, an online journal dedicated to professional public interest journalism and the promoting of public awareness and constructive public engagement on environmental, conservation and cultural issues concerning the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and the broader American West.


A Scientist’s Case Against Killing Greater Yellowstone’s Grizzlies For Ego And Fun – The Bullseye

What does it say about societal values when we spend millions of dollars courageously reviving rare animals only to turn around and start killing them to create dead trophies as soon they walk out of the equivalent of a hospital emergency room?