anthology-coverdraft02PCEC is thrilled to announce that there is a new partner in the fight against the two proposed gold mines in Park County – Montana authors!

Marc Beaudin, Seabring Davis and Max Hjortsberg have been working together for the past year to compile and edit, Unearthing Paradise:  Montana Authors in Defense of Greater Yellowstone, an anthology of Park County and Montana authors that highlights the beauty and grandeur of the Paradise Valley and the northern Yellowstone region. More importantly the book is an effort to raise awareness and activism regarding the need to protect wild lands of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem from extractive and destructive threats by two proposed gold mines – multinational prospectors Lucky Minerals in the Emigrant Gulch and Crevice Mining Group northwest of Gardiner on the border of Yellowstone National Park.

The anthology will be published by Livingston’s own Elk River Books. We are excited to say that a portion of the proceeds from the book sales will be generously donated to PCEC to assist us and our partners in our efforts to permanently protect these lands.

You can pre-order copies, or become a sponsor through Elk River’s Kickstarter campaign, which will raise money to cover the costs of printing and distributing the book. We encourage all of our members to support this effort and purchase an advance copy or 3.

The project includes poetry, essays and fiction by 30 Montana writers including locals William Hjortsberg, Charlotte McGuinn Freeman, Michael Earl Craig, and the late Jim Harrison as well as others further afield in the state like Rick Bass, Myers Reece and Tami Haaland. Terry Tempest Williams provides the foreword. Artwork by PCEC alum and former Executive Director Jim Barrett graces the cover of the book.

The website provides additional information including a list of all contributors.

The Holidays are right around the corner. Hint. Hint. We think this book will make a great gift.

Thank you for your support.