The Crazy Mountains Porcupine Ibex Trail Scoping

Conflict over public access in the Crazy Mountains has been a chronic problem. Due to the checkerboard land ownership, many of the trails cross several miles of private land. In recent years, tensions between landowners, public land access advocates, and the Forest Service are running particularly high. Five trails in the Crazy Mountains,

PCEC Protests Local Oil and Gas Leases


Last Friday, Park County Environmental Council and local landowners filed an administrative appeal to protest the March 13, 2018 competitive oil and gas lease sale proposed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)’s Butte Field Office. Of the 63,496 acres of federal public land up for auction throughout Montana, some of the leases

Smith River Mine Public Scoping Talking Points

Smith River Infographic Provided by Montana Trout Unlimited

Livingston is one of the proposed railroad off-loading points for ore trucked down Highway 89 through the Shields Valley from the mine site. Because of the potential impacts on Park

Proposed BLM Oil and Gas Leases in Livingston

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Next March, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management plans to auction off more than 60,000 acres of public and private lands in Montana to oil and gas companies.

Some of these leases are particularly troubling — they border the community of Livingston, the Yellowstone River, and would be within in our view shed of the iconic